Dr. Jeffrey Cahn at Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center!

Dr Jeffrey Cahn spent Tuesday morning, March 20, speaking to the children about dental care at Gan Yeladim preschool in Stamford, CT.

" It is very important to teach young children how to prevent dental disease.", said Dr Cahn. " It is also extremely important to demonstrate that a trip to the dentist can be a fun and positive experience for a child."

 Young children instinctively have a fear of the unknown, so they are shown a brief power point presentation to explain the steps of a pediatric dental visit. Also, the children get the chance to visit with a dentist outside of the dental office in their preschool, a non threatening and comfortable environment.

" Besides," said Dr Cahn, " What can be more fun than spending some time with classes of preschool children?"

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